Habits that hinder you to make money

Little problems can hinder you from making money. We might not be aware that these small issues will play a vital role in hindrance for making money. There are other issues that we do in our everyday lives but we ignore. Whether you are making lots of money or you are just a starter for earning money, the problems that we should not overlook in our life – I am going to state these issues.

The simple things we can do to avoid these hindrance of money making includes positive  thinking, choosing good friend circle , avoiding habits which decrease our morale, healthy habits, consistent activities ( by this what I mean is performing some good habits on a  daily basis) and so on. For instance: I visit my nearby relatives and friends on  a daily basis and it has helped me to get new information and ideas and I get motivated.

Here, are the five problems that hinder you to make money!

5. Laziness


Laziness is one of the habits that hinder you to make money.Being tired and not want to do some work is different than doing nothing and avoiding small works. If you sum up in a year than the amount of work you did not do become more and year by year it increases. Laziness starts with small things and lack of motivation and if you do not get motivated then you become lazy. It is a circle. Moreover there are many aspects for being lazy . some of them are stress, depression, bad habits, being unhealthy, taking drugs and excessive use of alcohols etc so you must avoid these activities.Furthermore laziness seeks relying on others so in that way you become a differently able person.

Laziness makes you feel irritated. It can hamper your health. It will make you less motivated and the way people look at you may be worse. In the present days, people use their most of leisure time in internet which is also a major source of being lazy because you are not getting any physical activities. These all things hampers directly or indirectly in your quest to earning money. So laziness should be avoided at all cost.


Well here, I do not want to take sides or go against masturbation habit.I will just state the fact of masturbation habits that hinder you to make money. Masturbation is seen as a normal habit in most European countries but it is still a taboo in many developing countries and Asian countries. With that being said in these countries if anyone do masturbation and he/she has a mindset that it is bad then he/she might consider himself/herself as a bad person. His/her  morale will be low and it leads to decrease in confidence. So, he/she may perform bad in his activities. Masturbation is one thing that can hamper your consistency. For example if you do morning walk everyday and one day if you do masturbation then the following day you might not go to morning walk. This happens due to hormone change in your body due to masturbation. All these low confidence, lack of consistency are the hindrance to making money so you might want to avoid masturbation provided that you are being affected negatively by it.

3.Unnecessarily taking advice and suggestion

This is another habits that hinder you to make money.You might be asking others to how to make money or what to do or if you have any idea then asking other how to do it and blah blah blah. Well , taking advice and suggestion is a very good idea but taking unnecessary advice which can change your mood for  doing the activities you like is very bad. Some may give extra ideas and can change your ideas to another one, if it happens you can ignore the idea because you probably will not have any interest in that. So, choose people who will support your ideas and shows you the good way to do your chosen work.

2.Lack of confidence

There are may reasons behind low confidence. Some general issues are unhealthy lifestyle, health problems, coercion, getting bullied, low consistency, lack of motivation and so on. Lack of confidence puts you in the corner where you will not be the leader in any team. Even you are great in some particular work you will not be a leader in that activity because of lack of confidence. You will be less open to show your talent. Your talent will be hidden and more you become less confidence more it takes time to show up. Meanwhile your good opportunities to make or earn money may have been gone by when you realize your inner talent. Lack of confidence influences your best decision and alters it to some creepy ones.

1. Inconsistency

Inconsistency is one of the habits that hinder you to make money.I am going to explain this with its opposite term consistency.Consistency is the factor that is a blessing to the one who is successful. You can look at the successful people and the thing that you can find common in all of them  is consistency. Being consistent helps you to improve something that you are interested in. Do some work for some days you will know more about it. Do it for more days, now it becomes habit and you can do it in more better way. Again be consistent and keep doing it you can understand the problem in that activities. Again do it for some more days and you can know how to solve the problem. Now solve the problem and now you are on the stage  where success is waiting for you or you are already a leader in that particular work. By the way other reach these stage you will be far more away than them with your consistence effort. And exactly reverse these activities to inconsistent you will be in pain sooner or later.

I hope knowing about these habits that hinder you to make money has helped you guys. I believe avoiding these activities will certainly help you guys to be a better person and keep you motivated. Well, there may be a question- can I do it? Sure you can do it. Just start and by that what I mean is you have to start today which is the principle for making something big. So any idea that is in your mind start today. Tomorrow was not ours and never will be! Cheers!

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