We all want to make money to earn living. There are different things that we can do with money. But all things has exceptions so it has too. So, we do not have to be too greedy for money. We have to earn money by being honest and hardworking, which helps us to set a standard money can not buy. Here I am going to list the rules of money which helps you to make money in your life. These lists are easy to apply, just set these rules as some principles that you need to follow to make money.

1.Do not Hate Money

Yeah, this is one of the problem. Some of us act as if money is nothing. That is good in some circumstances but we should not apply this rule in our real life. It is just to fake. Simply, the rule works like this, you love money and you have one rupees and you saved it. There you started your savings. So, if you love money it attracts money like a magnet. You start earning in the earlier age and increase your income which you can invest later.

2.Think Making Money as a Game

real money

We have certainly played a game once in our lifetime. To complete the missions or level up in the game and to win against other players ,what strategies we apply and how much effort we put is amazing, so why not you do it for money. Save money , increase money and invest money then again earn money. See, its a beautiful game. But how you increase your money is in your hands. It is a open world game for you like Vice City.

3.Consistent Effort

Well, number three  rules is constant effort. lets assume that you have 1 Rupee. Now, multiply it by 10 and you get 10 Rupees. Similarly, again multiply by 10 now it becomes 100. Again multiply by 10 , it becomes 1000 Rupees. Now it sums up a big amount which you can use to do any thing you want. See here at first, you have one Rupee which is very less, you started putting effort, it worked less for you making only 10 Rupees, again you did not lose your hardworking again you put same effort and finally, you accumulated a big sum of 1000 Rupees. So, constant effort makes you rich.

4.Money Should Be Moved

Saving , saving and saving but until when..? This question helps solve this rule. As you can see money is there and its value is still same. But we can see clearly that money is bored out. Since no one likes to be in the same place. So, money should be moved your investment, saving and so on should be moved for greater good. Today you save on a bank with interest rate 5%, 6 months later you found out that another bank is giving 6%, you should mobilize your money to that bank. Same goes with the investment and other issues related to money.

5. Secret Account

Its like a best friend relationship with your money. Keep a strong bond. Now what you have to do in this rules is maintain a secret bank account or investment or anything with your money but do not let anyone know about it. Not, even your wife or father or mother or daughter or anyone. Keep a secret to yourself and your money. What this do is helps you keep motivated and secured. It helps you in crisis and you can have a finance back up supports which helps to tackle the bad situation for you.

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Hope these 5 rules will do good for you to make or increase money. Any suggestions and topics are greatly appreciated which you can comment below.

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