You can make lots of money on facebook while you enjoy your time on it. There are many ways to get money using facebook. For this, what you need is patience at the start and make followers or increase likes by posting good articles, funny posts, information and so on. As much popular you can make your pages, groups and so on, more you will earn. Moreover, you can do this alone provided that you have the dedication and interest for this kind of stuff. Check out these lists:

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1.Facebook Page

Most of us are familiar with fb page. We like and follow these pages so that we can enjoy, get knowledge and many more. But what we may not know is that, we can earn money through these popular pages. So how can you make money?
-by promoting the brands and products of sponsors
-by organizing events or programmes your page is associated with
-through placing advertisements in your page
-giving valuable information provided that they pay membership fee
There are other several ways to earn money from facebook page.

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2.Sell Products

Making money on facebbook is easy If you have retail shop or any kind of shop then promote your products on fb by whatever means you can use. It helps you to make lots of money. If you do not have retail shop, simply explore products that has high demand and sell them to make money.

3.Become Influencer

Facebook offers services like video calling, chats and so on. So use this services to make money on fb by becoming a great influencer for your customers. For this develop your own personality that everyone desires. You can get payment as per your customers.

4.Facebook Group

Similar to fb page, you make your group popular with each and every means available. Make lots of people with same interest in one group and focus that group to make purchase of products, join events for money and so on related to your group focus.

5.Sell Accounts

This is simple . If you have old fb accounts. What facebook do is that they give more importances to old fb accounts regarding surveys, poll convention and so on. So there are many companies/ people to buy old fbaccounts. Simply sell them at suitable price.

6.Facebook App

If you can develop an app, then do this to make money on facebook. Develop an app for your fb pages, groups , games and so on. If your app and affiliate activities works well then you will be bombarded with money.

Enjoy Making Money !


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