We have spent our money on various things. It gives us various means in life. It can give a way to live your life fully. Moreover it gives the freedom. Money has been a means to satisfy our needs. But to make money it costs a lot. With this saying if we think money by our heart then it will ruin our lives. We lose our relatives, friends and well wishers .We have to take it in our brain only. But with all these sayings there are many ways we have spend money or other had spent money in unnecessary things. Check out these lists:

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1.Unnecessary Traveling

This make my list because travel is good only when someone participating in it are willing for it.Generally, some people travel when they do not have the desire to go. They simply travel due to coercion. With this they do not enjoy their time fully as they have no interest, simply they lose their money.

2.Impress other

It is quoted that , “Too many people spend money they earned.. to buy things they don’t want…to impress people that they don’t like”
-Will Rogers
This makes clear that what people are doing. This is unnecessary way to spend your money.


Buying tickets but not participating in the events is another stupid way to spend money. It is widely done ,people influence you to buy tickects whether it is of charity events, cultural events, entertainment events and so on. But after buying that sort of tickets we barely enjoy or go to such events. What fun in spending if we do not enjoy our spending? So , it makes this list.

4.Donating Fake Beggars

We donate to beggars if we find them poor and if their condition triggered our faith. But with all the including frauds out there, many fraud beggars with perfect body condition and mind are controlling these begging activity illegally . They show themselves as the pettiest and we donate them. With this doing,the actual beggars are being cornered to struggle for their lives.


Corruption is heavily involved in developing and non-developing countries. But even deveoped countries are found to be infused with corruption activities. So, we can say that there are many people to be involved in corruption activities. They are doing this mainly to get their work done in easy way. But as they do it they are more encouraging this activity and also slowing the rate of development works in the country.

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