People do a lot of different kinds of dirty jobs. It may vary from working in farm,kitchen,offices,offline,online and so on. We have to do many things. Many people migrate from one places to another to earn money. They generally migrate to the land where there is more opportunities and resources to fulfill and meet their requirements. As a result, towns and cities are becoming populated day by day. Some even go abroad to study as well as earning more than they could have been in their home country. But wait..?, Do they get the respectable job..?They might not but they might have good earnings. To know this, check out the lists of dirty jobs:
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10.Crime Scene Cleaner, Dirty Jobs

You may have watched the sci-fi movies, crime serials, dramas and so on.They set the scene and investigate without distorting the things out there. Top police officials who are expert in crime solving are in involved in these activities. But wait..Have you ever seen someone cleaning those mess after solving the issues. No , right. Well here comes the dirty jobs. There are possibilities of infection,  emotional and mental disorders and so on. People do this dirty jobs simply because it pays you high money.

9.Coal Miner

It is one of the most dangerous and dirty jobs on the planet. Literally, the job paints you black, in more ways than one. First, your clothes will be covered in the black dust, and your lungs will not be spared. Coal dust contaminates the air and then gets into your lungs. As a result, coal miners develop a condition referred to as black lung, which leads to cardiovascular complications, such as shortness of breath and emphysema. Coal mine owners seem to understand the risk, so offer a competitive package of a high money.


In our introduction, we listed medical practice as an attractive career path. The area of specialization of works make it dirty job. A gastroenterologist , for example, specializes in the structure, function, pathology and diseases of the stomach and intestines. Basically, this kind of doctor also deals with stools.So, how disgusting is it?While giving a talk at his daughter’s school, one gastroenterologist confessed to coming across disgusting sights and seriously pungent smells. The doctor actually confessed that he at first did not want to reveal what he did, because his job sounded, ‘unacceptable’.

 7.Garbage Collector

Garbage, even in your own trash can is disgusting enough. Truth is, you experience just a fraction of how filthy garbage can be, considering that we have waste from patient dressings in hospital, and bio hazard waste in research institutions. Garbage collector has to collect the garbage whatever it is.

6.Mine Management

Generally, mining is a very dirty job. You have to excavate through heaps of earth just to get to the valuable mineral. It is extremely dangerous since workers have to deal with harmful dust and gases. Worse still, middle men in this business, tend to have the lion’s share of the profits. While such difficulties have caused people to run away from a job that was considered for the middle-class years ago, some have held on.

5.Adult Entertainer

Strippers, adult film actors/actresses and escorts, have one thing in common-their job can get really dirty. Additionally, they are easily manipulated into acts that they wouldn’t normally do, all in the name of attracting traffic and driving up sales.They suffer silently. As one porn star confessed, she was forced to get into a coffin, got buried underground for 15 minutes, as night vision cameras caught the act. A different lady, had to stay with bodily fluids on her face, while a man withstood kicks on his balls.
A roughneck is a tough job. Usually, the person spends 12 hours a day, underneath an enormous oil drilling rig, an environment that is too noisy, that they only communicate via hand signals. A roughneck is prone to risking eardrum and cardiovascular system.

3.Sewer Inspector

From the title, you can guess what a sewer inspector does. The unpleasant job description demands that a sewer inspector works in damp, dark, cramped spaces, which are full of vermin, cockroaches and human waste. In case of a leakage, these professionals are forced to crawl in a maze of connected sewer lines, to find the leakage source, and repair it.


Do you wonder why a corpse looks so clean and presentable at funerals? Why don’t they stink yet, decomposition started as soon as death occurred? First off, a mortician, who is a corpse beautician, is usually tasked with applying make-up on a corpse, to make it presentable.

An embalmer, on the other hand, is responsible for ensuring that a body is clean, and well preserved, before it’s taken to a mortician. On a normal day, an embalmer will drain blood from the corpse, replacing it with embalming fluid. The job can be very dangerous, especially when the deceased succumbed to an infectious disease.

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1.Land Fill Gas Operator


If you think a garbage collector’s job is bad, then you don’t know what a landfill operator goes through. All trash collected by garbage collectors is deposited in landfills, where landfill gas operators sift through the filth, to remove methane gas, a product of decomposition. It is very dirty and risky. Methane gas is usually funneled through pipes, while the operator deals with the extremely pungent smell, and exposure to harmful bacteria.

Hope these top jobs will help you understand that making money is not easy and work are neither bad nor good, it is what we have in our mind. Furthermore, I hope that these dirty jobs will help you to work on any things that come in your way to grasp opportunities.


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