We all like to watch movies, Dramas,films and so on  to entertain ourselves. Many actors are earning their lives from these categories. Korean dramas are famous in the world. Similarly, American films are more popular in western countries. Indian films are popular in Asian countries. With all these buzz and entertainment and huge investment in these projects. Actors of the films, drams and so on earn handsomely. So, who is the top richest actors in the world? For this, check out these lists of richest actors in the planet 2018:

10.Adam Sandler

An American actor and producer Adam Sandler is in number 10 rank of richest actors with net asset of 340 million dollars.He started his career from comedy show and entered into hollywood. His successful films are the Waterboy, Mr. Deeds and so on.

9.Clint Eastwood

An American actor, producer and musician Clint Eastwood  has net assest of 370 million dollars. His popular movies are play misty for me,pale rider ,the outlaw josey wales and so on.

8.Tom Hanks

An American actor and film director Tom Hanks has net asset of 390 million dollars.He has won many awards like Global Globe Award,Academy Award for Best Actor and so on.His popular movies are splash, Apollo,Big Turner and Hoch to name a few.

7.Bill Cosby

An American Actor and Author Bill Cosby has net asset of 420 million dollars.He started his career from stand up comedy.He went further in television shows and later he caught up with the film acting career.

6.Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an American actor and film maker.He started his career at the early age of 19. He has won the Golden Globe Awards thrice in is career. His famous films are cocktail, mission impossible,far and away and many more.He has net asset of 480 million dollars.

5.Tyler Perry

A versatile American Tyler Perry is actor, producer, director, screen writer,play writer,song writer and author.He He started his career by writing and producing stage plays . He has created many successful television shows. He has net worth of 400 million dollars.

4.Johnny Depp

An American actor, producer and musician Johnny Depp has net asset of 450 million dollars.He started his career by playing in supporting role. later his talents make him the star. His successful movies are pirates of caribbean,chocolate factory, charlie and so on.

3.Jack Nicholson

An American actor and director Jack Nicholson has net worth of 480 million dollars.He is the most nominated actor for the Academy Awards. His successful movies are easy rider,china town,the passenger and many more.

2.Sharukh Khan

Sharukh Khan is an Indian actor and producer.He has net worth of 600 million dollars.His good acting skills and talents made him rich from his poor status making him the worlds second richest actors in the world. His successful movies are dilwale dulhania le jayenge,kabhi khusi kabhi gam,kuch kuch hota hai, main hoo na to name a few.

1.Jerry Seinfeld, Worlds Richest Actors

An American actor and producer Jerry Seinfeld  has net worth of 820 million dollars making the worlds richest actors.He also entertains by hosting and creating the web series.

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