When we think about the richest countries in the world, most of us think about China, United States of America, Canada and so on. They are well developed countries with high Human Development Index (HDI). But that is not correct, when it comes to ranking them according to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The listed rank may surprise you , since you many not have ever thought about them being in the top list of the richest countries in the world. So,  check it out:

10.San Marino

A mountainous microstate San Marino is in number 10 with the GDP per capita of 60,358 dollars . Most of its income comes from tourism. However, cheese, wine ,electronics and banking are the nation’s biggest industries. The major currency is Euro and it has population of 33,203, according to the world bank.


Switzerland has GDP per capita of 61,359 dollars. Countries economy is supported by banking and financial industries. Some of the reputed organizations like world bank are established in Switzerland.The country’s currency is Swiss Franc and its population is 8,513,875 based on the united nations estimates.

8.The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has GDP per capita of 68,245 dollars. Major sources of revenue is oil resources. Similarly telecommunications and related services also provide revenue.The countries capital is Abu Dhabi. The country has population of 9.2 million and the currency used is United Arab Emirates Dirham.


An arab country Kuwait has GDP per capita of 69,669 dollars. Major source of income in Kuwait comes from oil and petroleum resources. These resources are heavily exported to other nations to generate revenue. Its major currency is Kuwaiti Dinar. It has population of 4.2 millions.


A scandinavian country Norway has GDP per capita of 70,590 dollars.The country major revenue is generated from fishing, petroleum and natural resources.Oslo is country’s capital. The currency used is Norwegian Krone. The population of the country is 5.25 million.


An island Ireland has GDP per capita of 72,632 dollars. Mining, food production and textile are the resources that contributes highly for the nation’s economy.The population of the country is 4.75 million.

4. Brunei

A tiny nation Brunei has GDP per capita of 76,743 dollars making it 4th among the richest countries. The company is run with the economy produced from entrepreneurship from the country’s people and from foreign investors. Further crude oil and natural gas support the nation’s revenue.It has population of 423,196, according to the world bank. The major currencies in Brunei are Singapore dollar and Brunei dollar.


An island Singapore has GDP per capita of 90,531 dollars. Financial services sectors and chemical export industries finance their economy. Similarly, the country has liberal economy policies to improve their economy. The currency used is Singapore dollar . The country has population of 5.6 million.


A small European country Luxembourg has GDP per capita of 109,191 dollars.Industial sector and steel sector play huge rule for the great GDP rate of the country. Euro is used as a major currency in the country.The country has population of 582,972.


A peninsualr Arab country Qatar has GDP per capita of 124,927 dollars which is sufficient to make the country world’s richest countries.Oil exploration pays hugely to the economy of the country by exporting to other countries.Doha is the capital of Qatar. The currency used in the country is Qatari riyal. The population of the country is estimated to be 2.6 million.

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