Out of many football teams in Europe, Manchester United Fc has emerged as a top richest club in the world. The club has significant increase in revenue despite their bad performances in the champions league. The giant clubs such as Real Madrid fc, Fc Barcelona, PSG Fc, Manchester City Fc have all been behind Manchester United Fc in terms of revenue earnings and it’s status in the world’s richest club.These reports are based on the recent financial surveys of both “forbes” and French financial firm ” Deloitte”. Check out these lists of world’s top richest football clubs:

11.Paris Saint German Fc among the Richest Football Clubs

PSG Fc has value of 841 million dollar.It is their first time their drop from top 10 since the bought up by Qatar Sports Investments in 2011.

10. Tottenham Fc

With the team getting place in champions league and a good run of football in English premier league, Tottenham Fc has been among the  top 10 richest football clubs with the value of 1.06 billion dollar.

9.Juventus Fc

Juventus Fc is in number 10 with the club’s value of 1.26 billion dollar. The giant club in Italy was in these lists because of the sponsorship deal with Jeep. According to the mirror, over 1.5 million shirt was sold with Jeep logo on it.

8.Liverpool Fc

English side Liverpool Fc move one step ahead from last year position to this year  8th position. The club value is  estimated to be 1.49 billion dollar. This is due to their return in champions league football and earning with high number of fans.

7.Chelsea Fc

Chelsea Fc is in 8th position with the value of 1.85 billion dollar. With the rich chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovic spending money in players and stadium expansion , it is certain to be chelsea in top 10 lists.

6.Arsenal Fc

Though out of champions league , with the huge fan following around the globe, Arsenal Fc  is in number 7 with the value of 1.93 billion dollar. Arsenal has the highest expensive tickets in Europe.

5. Manchester City Fc

Manchester is in top 5 position of the richest football clubs for the first time with their value of 2.08 billion dollar. This is due to their good run in the premier league and continuous increment in the fan following and improvement in the champions league career.

4.Bayern Munich Fc

The German Giant is in top 4 position with their value of 2.71 billion dollar.This is accompanied by the league win and increasing fans around the world.

3.Real Madrid Fc

Eurpoe’s Giant Real Madrid is in 3rd positin with their value of 3.52 billion dollar. This is accompanied by their champions league win and their huge fans.

2.Fc Barcelona

Another Spanish club Fc Barcelona is in 2nd position of the richest club in the world with the value of 3.64 billion dollar. They have increased  their revenue   hosting two shows of  ‘ The River Tour’ in Catalonian Nou Camp.

1.Manchester United Fc

With the continuous battle for the top position over a decade , the English side finally become the richest club in the world, with the value of 3.69 billion dollar.This was possible due to their return in the champions league and a sponshorship deal with the adidas and chevrolet.

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