There are many apps and software that helps us to connect with each other and helps us to reduce mobile costs. It helps us to be close with our friends and relatives. These are easy to use and offer various services. It is known to all of us that these apps can save money ,if use properly. While most of these apps requires internet connection, some works offline. Further wise use of these apps and software helps to perform task faster and get each others information and ideas on time. Here , I am going to list top such apps that helps you to reduce mobile costs:

3.Face-to-Face Communications Apps to Reduce Mobile Costs

As this heading suggests,these are the apps that provide services of video calling to connect with the one you need and it helps to reduce mobile costs. These apps helps with clean video calling whether you are far or in short distance. These helps to make conversation realistic.These apps include skype, hangouts, zoom and so on. Most of these are free to use apps.

2.SMS Apps

Another types of apps to reduce mobile costs is sms apps.These apps helps you to connect to your friends and relatives or circles by voice calling,messaging and video calling. A part from the social media apps , these apps do not provide services of making a good displayable profile where you can posts your status, comments , ideas and information. Namely these apps include whatsapp,viber and so on.

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1.Social Media Apps

save money on mobile

It is one of the top apps to sreduce mobile costs.Top social apps such facebook,twitter,google plus,instagram and so on helps to connect with each other whoever are in your network. These apps are great for knowing the current status of your family and friends.Most of these top apps are free to use with billions of downloads.These apps offer free messaging, voice messages,posting information and video calling over a network connection.

Hope this short article will help you to save money on your mobile bill. Simply, download the preferred apps  to start saving!

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