Well, we all want to increase our money and think about ways to increase it, but most of us barely apply it in our real life.To raise money, we have to take risk and in return we get profit. We should be wise and sensible in our spending, expense and investment. life teaches us very important lessons on our every steps but most of us ignore it and we lose the opportunities of making fortune out of it. So, lets check out these 4 ways to double money  that I have learned in my real life.

1.Income Problem

Most of us want to make crores of money. We think and think and again think for the ways to make income and doubling our money but we do not implement our ideas. So, income problem is the first problem that most of us do not overcome and we stay where we are. so first make/earn some money. Find any job that you can get and start earning right away. This helps you to earn money and increase money. Now, lets assume that you get a job or start your own business, now in your time in home, do not go playing games and so on. Start making your schedule to be creative and start to do works that helps you make money and keep you be motivated.

2. Expense

Now lets assume that you have money but you start spending money carelessly than you cannot double your money, rather your time for earning money will be wasted. You have lots of time later after you earn enough money, so at starter time do not spend money carelessly. Rather be wise and sensible. Spend money in your necessities based on their importance and avoid showing off and enjoying too much. You should have habit of saving money than expending money.


Investment is something that should be given prior importance to double or even triple your money. Now lets be practical , working on someone else company or organization you cannot make more money than the owner of that company/organization. Make investment on anything that you have most knowledge and idea about like shares and businesses. Always be sensible and be up-to-date with the changing market environment. Dull mind will knock you back every time so read, investigate and invest.


Lets say you start investing in business or any other projects, but what really going to matter after initial investment is your identity. Your academic qualification , personality and background will be your assets to double your money. Finally you should have clear objectives. mission and vision towards your works. Optimistic thinking will be a good asset so that you can withstand the blocks in your path that can arise from anywhere.

Well, these are the top 4 Ways to double money that I have learnt in my life.If you have any such ideas to double money  than mention in comments below so that readers can know about it. Finally, the best way to double or triple your money is entrepreneurship. You are most certainly aware that most of the richest people are entrepreneurs in the world.

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