Alright lets assume that you own a blog or website but you are not getting enough traffic and it is making you feel uneasy and you are loosing hopes of making money from a blog or websites. Well, you do not have to be so negative, there is a way to increase traffic in easy ways. Your blog or websites can not get more traffic in a days or a month. It needs consistent hard work and you have to be creative for marketing your articles and posts.Lets check these top 5 ideas to get traffic in a blog or websites to earn money.

1.Blog comment

This is one of the helpful ideas for increasing traffic. Here, you have to search for the blog that is similar to your blog and you have to comment some words and put a link to your website or posts.For example, you can post,”It is a beautiful article . I have written similar article :go checkout these link………”This way people in that blog can see your link and it can lead them to your posts. Similarly other bloggers can also do the same. It is like sharing and caring. You help others , and they also do the same.

2.Video Marketing

This is another list where most of the bloggers failed to. For this make a youtube channel or anything and put the link to your website in the video description. It helps a lot since many people watches video these days. But make sure that your video are of good quality and content otherwise people may not likely to follow the link put in the description. Video also helps people to be engaged more as they have greater output chance of attracting people.

3.Social Marketing

Most of use facebook, twitter , google plus and so on. So, post your articles in these social sites and lure traffic to your website or blog. I post my each articles in twitter, google plus , facebook and youtube from where I get a decent traffic to my blog.Social marketing are free and it is an effective way to increase traffic in a less time. People can enter to your blog while having fun at the same time. Many people can get to know about your websites from these social apps.

2.Forum Marketing

Another good idea is to do forum marketing. There are many forum platforms such google adsense forum, wordpress forum, youtube forum,twitter forum and so on where you can put the link to your website and get decent traffic to your website. Lakh of people watches these forums to solve their problems or know new things and with that amount of visitors you can get a good traffic to your blog to earn money.

1.Update Blog Regularly

This is the most important way to get traffic to your blog. Many visitors may be coming to your blog regularly, but if you do not update your blog with recent articles then you will lose those people. Mean while regularly updated blogs will rank high in the google search engine. Once you enter a blog career do not be lazy , give your best to update your blog regularly and it will eventually give you a success in the future.

Besides these you can write a top blog posts which can take you to top of the google search. Similarly guest post is another way to increase traffic. For this you can submit a good post in another blog and you have to put a link to your website in your post to get traffic. Hope this article is useful.

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