Non- develop and developing countries can have abundance of opportunities, if you can grasp the opportunities to make money. People may not feel safe to invest in these countries but many big companies from around the globe are going for these countries seeing these opportunities. There are lots of unexplored opportunities and non-used resources to use as you desire.

What you need is simply the passion and dedication to your vision. Here I am going to enlist the five improved ideas to what you may have been involving in , but in more creative ways. Hope you like it and it helps to inspire you all to make investment in any way.

5.Barber Shop

Well, there are many barber shop and people visit these shops frequently to trim their hair. This might look ordinary but you have to do in more advanced and clinical way to make money.For this, You have to create a barbershop and offer services like hair coloring, lots of hair style choices, mustache cutting, massage services, equip good electrical hair cutting machines and so on. Whatever you do, make sure that it is different from other barber shops, decoration should be clean and good furnishing should be equipped. Well, these things are generally found to be doing in developed countries. Barber shop is renamed as handsome parlor in most developing countries where good services will be given , where price will be more than in barber shop.

4.Printing to create a brand

This will be a good opportunity to be a entrepreneur. For this, buy a printing machine. This might be t-shirt printing machine, slipper printing machine, mobile cover printing machines and so on. Furthermore there are machine, which do all these multi-activities. Start printing your simple t-shirt, simple slipper and what this does is creates a good impression on consumers, and you can sell your products on higher price. You can buy t-shirts, slippers and so on from the local market or the machine provider will certainly help you to get these items.

3.Meat shop

make money

This is certainly one of the good idea to start in non- developed and developing countries. Well, as we are well known that meat shop in these countries are mostly poorly arranged. As I am a citizen of developing country, I have found the shops which do not get proper attention to hygiene while cutting the meat and providing it to customer. With all that things going on, I always think of good meat shop where hygiene of meat and people are in top priority. So you can arrange a meat shop with proper glass ventilation and provide one time investment AC to prevent flies from touching the meat and entering the meat shop. This will certainly increase the flow of customers in your shop.

Furthermore, you can provide more than one variety of meat (It is mostly found that one meat shop provides one or two variety of meat in general) to attract customers. You can attract nearby restaurants to take meat from your shop. As you keep on doing well, you can start making mutton packaging and other meat products to sell  on the market.

2.E-commerce website

Crete a e-commerce website like, and so on. But what you have to do here is instead of placing products which are sold by these general websites create a e-commerce website which will provide services that people will find very difficult to find in the market and obviously people should also be looking for it. For example products like armpit odor remover, unwanted hair remover,local homemade medicines, sex toys( very less shop in developing and non- developed countries), and so on.

1.Make Jeans pant and shirts to make money

For this, buy a cloth that is needed to make jeans pants and shirts which you can find in local market or contact the producer. Cut the cloth to make pants or shirts and simply put the buttons, zipper and so on. Lastly put the logo or brand name and sell it to the cheap  price. The price will be very low in respect to the branded clothing brand. so, it will be easily sold in general market as most people in non- developed and developing countries are not brand conscious. As you do well, you can increase the quality of you product. For this , you need machine like sewing machine and printing machine which will not cost you a lot.

These are the ideas that are improved version of the old ideas that I think will be a good investing ideas to make money and to be involved in entrepreneurship works. If you have more ideas to it , you can mention in the comment section.

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