When it comes to make money, entrepreneurship is in the first list since there are many opportunities and abundance of wealth in it. Most of the richest people are involved in entrepreneurship.They are there because they have self-belief, passion and they probably started in early life. So, you can be the next big deal in making money. People with no prestigious family background can become teenage entrepreneur but what they required is their passion and dedication to their work. Apart from common pet watching, babysitting and so on where you can not make lots of money, I am making a top list where there is lots of opportunities to make you a next billionaire.

Note:Pet watching, babysitting and so on also can make you billionaire if you have new ideas and approaches rather than simple one. World is changing and you can probably earn lots of money in this activities by applying new ideas to be a teenage entrepreneur.

Here are the top 5 lists:


Coding can help you raise money. You have to learn coding and start building websites and sell them to be a teenage entrepreneur. You can also make apps and games for people and if it goes well then you can earn lots of money. It sounds hard to learn but if you get it done, with the raising technological environment , it is a next big thing for you. You can learn and make website to sell in code Academy.It is free of cost to learn. Similarly Khan Academy also helps you to learn coding.

4.Online Business

Most of us know about it. Online business can make you lots of money as we are in the technological world where social media, apps and games are dominating our daily lives. We are in the situation where no internet connection makes us feel inferior to other having internet connection.So, the point is everyone is busy in their internet world so why not make a website and start your activities to be a teenage entrepreneur. You can tutor online, sell items online and so on.


This is another entrepreneurship opportunities for teenager. You can offer your writing skills for money. Create your own websites, blogs and so on and start earning money. You can sell your best contents in fiverr for money. Just join and deliver your writing as per the clients demand for money. Do not worry about grammatical errors and mistakes in sentences , just go for it. Start your writing and in the end give more focus on editing. There are free sites which will show your grammatical mistakes and spell mistakes where you can correct the errors.


I am onto it. This is one of the biggest opportunities for me. I am doing Youtube activities,tutoring, free lancing, coding and online activities at the same time. But blogging is I like most. It is where you can express your ideas and experience to the world. You can generate a passive income and there is no boundary to your income limits. So, you can also set up your blog sites and start blogging to generate money.


Teenagers may not have enough money to set up a initial business set up. So, go for landscaping. Make a team of 3-4 friends and start your business. Ask for people if they need any help. You can make money by moving the lawns, shoveling the snow, puling out weeds, cleaning out the garage and so on. There will be more opportunities as you go on. Your team can come up with even big ideas to help you earn more money later.

Besides these Youtube activities, social medias skills, tutoring and so on can make you a next big teenage entrepreneur. So, do not waste your time and start business today. Yes, as I always mention this line, Business is done today, not tomorrow. I have read this line in a blog and it always motivates me.Hope this article is useful to teenagers.

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