Have you ever thought that unusable stuffs from around your house or surroundings can be turned from trash into cash? Simply Yes ,they can be turned into cash.  You have to collect them and store in a safe place to gain from them in future. Many organizations are working in such projects. They make huge earnings from these trash of ours. They can be a easiest way to make money, if you invest them properly.Check out these top five lists of turning trash into cash:

5.Junk Mail Trash

Junk mail can be used for generating revenue.  what is junk to you may be gold to market researchers studying direct mail advertising. There are some websites or companies like the small business knowledge center that will pay you to forward them your junk mail or messages for products and services such as credit cards, insurance and so on. If you are self-employed or a business owner, you receive bonus points for participating.


Market researchers are also interested in receipts for items you buy at the store. Some apps like Snap by Groupon  lets you receive cash back when you shop for  offers in a weekly basis. You can also earn money for referring friends who redeem offers. There are similar apps like Checkout 51 , which also lets you redeem receipts from grocery shopping and Ibotta, which lets you earn money via PayPal from shopping at stores, where you can earn virtual coins that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

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Used cardboard can be used to make extra income . You probably use cardboard boxes every time you move or help someone else move, and those online order boxes can quickly pile up . Eighty-nine percent of corrugated cardboard gets recycled. What you may not know is that there are places that will pay you for your used cardboard.


Alumunium can be found almost in every house and surroundings. It if often used as building materials. It is valuable and provides solution to many infrastructure.  It can be recycled to make money out of it.


Electronics items are another way to make money recycling. For instance, just about everyone has a smartphone or cell phone. There are several ways you can earn money from used cell phones. One way is to sell your phone back to the manufacturer or a private party who’s willing to reuse it. A second way is to choose a cellular provider such as T-Mobile, that will give you credit for your old phone or allow you to use it with a new SIM card. You can sell smartphones, televisions,radios and such other electronics items through sites such as Gazelle.

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