Everyone wants to save mobile bills whether it is prepaid or post paid. If you are using prepaid mobile ,then you are more concerned about it. There are several ways and tricks to reduce the mobile expenses and save money. Furthermore, you can eliminate unnecessary waste of your mobile balance by installing apps or enabling the system manually. Even you save little money on your mobile , it makes a difference. So for these check out these top ways to save mobile balances or bills by applying these tricks:

1.Buy Data Packages to Save Mobile Bills

We may not have wifi connection in every house. It compels us to use our mobile balances to use for social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram and so on. Furthermore, we use these balances to connect  with face to face communication aaps like skype, zoom and so on.We also play games in our smartphones. So, buy data packages to save your balance. They are simply there to provide internet facilities at low rates.

2.Restrict Background Apps

You can wonder sometime that you have more balance and simply you turn your cell and balance then it becomes zero. This is frustrating. You may blame network provider for this, where actual problem may be that other apps which are using internet inbackground may have use those balances while you are running one app. So, it is compulsory to restrict background apps.

3.Download Apps that Restrict Background Apps

All those mobile phones may not have background restriction system, so download it,as mentioned before background running apps consumes your balances or data. But be aware that you do not restrict the necessary mobile apps that are needed to function your mobile phone properly.


Notifications which appear when you go online like facebook notifications, gmail notifications, twitter notifications and so on costs your balances or data. So, if you go online for facebook after a while and there are many notifications that are waiting for to give tones to give you notification then you lose much money. So either stop notification or go online in that situation with wifi to save mobile bills.

5.Browse with Other Browsers

Most of us are habitual to use google chrome, safari and so on which are there by default on our mobile. But there are other browsing apps like opera, uc browser, dolphin etc that helps to save your data and load the searches faster. They even provide easy accessibility and preferences. So, if you open facebook, twitter like apps in these browsers then it will save you lots of money because facebook apps, twitter apps cost you a lot.

6.Carry the Best Network Provider

You can carry the best network provider to save money on mobile balances or bills. This will make a difference when you call abroad to your friends, relatives or anyone.Even if you call in your own country with the same network provider as yours, then it will be cheaper than the one with another network provider. Be sure to check the rates that these network provider provides.

Download Opera here!

7.Roaming Services

We have to roam from here and there. So, we can not change our network provider often. So, as you go travelling be sure to enable roaming services, it helps you to save mobile data and balances. Roaming service is provided for these purposes so take the benefits of it.

8. Call with Apps

This is one of the best way to save mobile bills. Download apps like viber,whats app and so on. Turn on your internet or connect with wifi and call whom you want to speak with. This helps to save you money. The call made with these apps are cheaper than direct calling. If you are using wifi then its totally free.But in order to do so, both the user must have internet connection.

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