There are lots of ways to make money from websites like Hamrobazar. You have to be steady on your work and be clear what you are doing to make money out of it. Since, it will not be easy to make money from third party sites like Hamrobazar.

If you want to earn money then you will have to be patience and be ready to bear risks that may come along. For this you can take out these ways to make more money from Hamrobazar.

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5.Sell out Unwnated Stuffs

We have lots of things that was already used up and we do not need anymore. Just search them and post it for ads in Hamrobazar

and you can make more money. Be sharp to place your initial bid because people generally asks for discounts in the initial offer.

4. Transfer of Ownership

For this what you have to do is find a item that has more demand and which diminishing value is low and buy it. Later sell it on higher price. Well, you may think that can I do it? Well, certainly you can do it. I have seen many people doing it to earn money. Moreover it is like doing business but with second hand items.

3.Sell Rare Items

Well sites like Hamrobazar is often beneficial when there is lack of the items. So, go for it. Locate the best items that are scarce but has high demands like arts and crafts, ancient things, things that may not be found in the location (Foreign products) and sell it.

2.Sell Chinese Products

It is mostly suitable if you are near china or if you can export Chinese products safely or easily. Chinese products are cheap and easily sold in the market. So, buy it in cheap price and post ads in and soon you may have lots of customers.

1.Be a Wholesaller

This one requires more investment. For this you can buy lots of goods and stock it to sell to retailers and use Hamrobazar for advertisement. With the increasing popularity of Hamrobazar and other similar sites , you are freely advertising without any costs.

These are the ways you can make money from Hamrobazar. You can also use similar sites to make more earnings.

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